What is Summit Bid

Landscape Photographer and designer

Kemper Simpich

Kemper grew up in the shadow of Pikes Peak and has always been captured by the mountains. He has been creating images of Colorado’s, Wyoming’s and Washington’s high peaks since 2008 with eye of expanding his portfolio to the rest of worlds great ranges. When he’s not leaving the trailhead at 2am to capture sunrises, he might be found exploring a forrest or meadow with his wife Emily and two kids, Wren and Weston.

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Video and Marketing Lead

Toby Simpich

Toby Simpich is a videographer and photographer located out of Colorado Springs. He was raised just outside of the Garden of the Gods where he spent much of his time hiking, and taking inspiration from the artistic rock formations, leading to an overarching passion for the natural world.  Toby is passionate about sharing his adventures in the wilderness via his video and photo work. Having been colorblind for much of his career, Toby uses this unique perspective as a pivoting point for his creative outlook.

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Comercial Photographer

Brandon Woller

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About Summit Bid

Summit Bid. This is an old mountaineering term to describe the final push to the summit. A push that is the culmination of years of dreaming, training and preparation.  We feel like this deliberate approach is reflected in our work and can be adopted by anyone dreaming of a "summit" of their own.